Guest Blogger- Amy

Last week on Monday it was the 3/4 planning day.

First we went to assembly which kind of annoyed me because we missed out on pretty much the whole of Auslan lesson with Miss Emily. All we got to do was the role and we only got to choose which words we wanted to know. Then we went to art and put wool on our snail and turtle project. Then it was snack time. After snack we had library and I stole Natalie’s book that she borrowed.  Then we had Carol and she gave us a search and find work sheet. After lunch we had Jo and Tori and we got to do a ‘twits’ work sheet and we could also watch the movie, WALL-E, next door. We watched that until the bell rang.

On Thursday we had the walkathon!

Me and all my friends STARTED together and then we started to jog and my friends stopped but I didn’t care.

So I kept on jogging and caught up with Erin so we ran together until our 7th lap, she ran off .Then I saw Natalie at the end of the oval and RAN to her. Then I walked my last lap while chatting to her.

Written by Amy

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