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Data Folders

At school we have folders that we call data folders. The following information is kept in them; behaviour, effort, times tables, home reading, home math and spelling.

For behaviour and effort we have 3 colours. Red, yellow and green. Red being really bad and green being terrific. Every day we fill in the column from the day before; what we think of our behaviour and our effort.

For home math we do mainly studyladder but some people do mathletics or do it on paper. We add this to our data folders once a week. We all aim for 7 (all week) but even 1 is an accomplishment and we all encourage people to try their best.

For home reading we get a take home book. Take home books are just right texts chosen by our teacher. There are different levels and the first couple of levels are quick with only short sentences. As you get higher the text becomes longer and a bit more challenging. We aim for 7 nights but the standard is 5 nights of reading for 15 minutes. We also do this weekly.

For spelling, we have a weekly test. On Monday we get our words and on Friday we have our weekly test. We have 1-8 words and fill how many words we get right in that week’s column. We have spelling for H.L.T (home learning task) also known as homework.

We haven’t used times tables yet.

That’s how we use our Data Folders!


Written by Felicity

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