Guest Blogger- Xavier. A


This term, 3/4C has been using a Writer’s Notebook.  A Writer’s Notebook is a place where you can put down your ideas for your writing.  Sometimes we add personal stories, because nobody else looks in there except Kathryn.  I really like putting down my thoughts and stories on paper so I can get them out of my head.  I don’t get embarrassed if it’s a bad story because I’m the only one who reads it.  If it’s a good idea I can write it into a whole piece of writing and publish for other people to read.  Writer’s Notebook has helped me because I used to have so many ideas in my head that I couldn’t put them down in my writing because I couldn’t choose just one.  Now I can get all my ideas out for later and just focus on the one I want to write about.  Thank you Kathryn for giving us Writer’s Notebooks!

Written by Xavier A

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