Guest Blogger- Amy

Last week on Monday it was the 3/4 planning day.

First we went to assembly which kind of annoyed me because we missed out on pretty much the whole of Auslan lesson with Miss Emily. All we got to do was the role and we only got to choose which words we wanted to know. Then we went to art and put wool on our snail and turtle project. Then it was snack time. After snack we had library and I stole Natalie’s book that she borrowed.  Then we had Carol and she gave us a search and find work sheet. After lunch we had Jo and Tori and we got to do a ‘twits’ work sheet and we could also watch the movie, WALL-E, next door. We watched that until the bell rang.

On Thursday we had the walkathon!

Me and all my friends STARTED together and then we started to jog and my friends stopped but I didn’t care.

So I kept on jogging and caught up with Erin so we ran together until our 7th lap, she ran off .Then I saw Natalie at the end of the oval and RAN to her. Then I walked my last lap while chatting to her.

Written by Amy


Guest Blogger- Cody

On the first day of term 3 I started Killara Primary School with my brother Ayden.

We both have enjoyed our new school this term. We have got to do so many new things.

I went on my first camp to Allambee. We went on the giant swing and rock climbing and the vertical challenge and the low ropes course and the flying fox and at night we went for a reflective walk. 

Then at night we had a camp fire and we sat on the logs. We stayed for 3 days and 2 nights.

I really enjoyed my first camp it was so much fun.

Also in term 3 we had book week where everybody got to dress up as a book character. My brother and I dressed up as minions. There were so many good costumes that students wore.

There also was a book fair where we could purchase books. And the book I choose was the 52 story treehouse and I finished the whole book and it was really funny and cool.

Last week our school had the Community Walkathon and it was on the 10th of September.

The walkathon was so much fun.

My mum and my brother Harley also came on the walk and it was really fun how we all walked together around the school. Then after the walk, all the grades sat down on the basketball courts and we all had a sausage sizzle and a drink. We all got a bouncy ball for doing the walkathon.

I hope next year I can do more laps.


Written by Cody


Guest Blogger- Talesha

A girl named Arisa came and stayed with us as an exchange student from Japan.we showed her around melbourne and parts of the city soon after that we played with some dingo puppies at the dingo preservation centre at toolern vale. We let her smell Vegemite, but she didn’t like it!!

She was very good at origami(Japanese paper art) and gave us a frame with all our names on it in Japanese characters (hiragana). We made origami cranes( a Japanese bird) in memory for Hiroshima bombing in ww2. She could also draw beautiful pictures. Arisa only stayed with us for a week and went to school with my sister. We had a great time.

Written by Talesha


Guest Blogger- Felicity

Data Folders

At school we have folders that we call data folders. The following information is kept in them; behaviour, effort, times tables, home reading, home math and spelling.

For behaviour and effort we have 3 colours. Red, yellow and green. Red being really bad and green being terrific. Every day we fill in the column from the day before; what we think of our behaviour and our effort.

For home math we do mainly studyladder but some people do mathletics or do it on paper. We add this to our data folders once a week. We all aim for 7 (all week) but even 1 is an accomplishment and we all encourage people to try their best.

For home reading we get a take home book. Take home books are just right texts chosen by our teacher. There are different levels and the first couple of levels are quick with only short sentences. As you get higher the text becomes longer and a bit more challenging. We aim for 7 nights but the standard is 5 nights of reading for 15 minutes. We also do this weekly.

For spelling, we have a weekly test. On Monday we get our words and on Friday we have our weekly test. We have 1-8 words and fill how many words we get right in that week’s column. We have spelling for H.L.T (home learning task) also known as homework.

We haven’t used times tables yet.

That’s how we use our Data Folders!


Written by Felicity


Guest Blogger- Maddie

Book Week

Once every year, our school has a dress up day!

It’s a day where you dress up as your favourite book character. I went as Glinda the good witch, from the Wizard of Oz, the witch of the east. My friends and I all dressed up as Wizard of Oz characters, like Toto, Dorothy and the cowardly Lion. Our teachers had a theme too! 3/4 teaches were Harry Potter themed, 1/2 teachers were Dr Seuss, Prep teachers were from Goldy Locks and the Three Bears but 5/6 teachers didn’t have a theme. In the morning we had a parade; it’s where we all walk around in a circle (square) around our school gym, to show off our costumes. I saw some amazing costumes on dress up day, and I learned a couple new books too! Our theme was ‘Books light up our world’ and I personally think it is a great theme. I love book week and I think it’s so fun to wear these creative costumes and see what people come up with.


Written by Maddie


Guest Blogger- Jazmin


In music we have been learning about acting, filming and lots more. We are doing a play. In the play we can do three things for the play.  Like writing the script, designing, making the music, filming and acting. If you are filming the play you can’t be an actor because you can’t film and act at the same time. If you are a script writer or designing you can still be an actor because you do not have to do that why you are acting because that would be done.

Written by Jazmin


Guest Blogger- Xavier. A


This term, 3/4C has been using a Writer’s Notebook.  A Writer’s Notebook is a place where you can put down your ideas for your writing.  Sometimes we add personal stories, because nobody else looks in there except Kathryn.  I really like putting down my thoughts and stories on paper so I can get them out of my head.  I don’t get embarrassed if it’s a bad story because I’m the only one who reads it.  If it’s a good idea I can write it into a whole piece of writing and publish for other people to read.  Writer’s Notebook has helped me because I used to have so many ideas in my head that I couldn’t put them down in my writing because I couldn’t choose just one.  Now I can get all my ideas out for later and just focus on the one I want to write about.  Thank you Kathryn for giving us Writer’s Notebooks!

Written by Xavier A


Guest Blogger- Erin


In Maths we are learning about division and multiplication and to help us we are using factor trees.

To start a factor tree you choose a number and  find out which two numbers divide into it, then you do the same for those two numbers. Keep going until you can’t divide them any more then you multiply all the numbers at the bottom and you will end up with the number that you started with.


See my example below :



/  \

4      6

/ \       / \

2  2    3  2


2x2x3x2 = 24


Written by Erin


Guest Blogger- Luke


I can’t wait because of the canoeing and the flying fox.

Its exciting to get away from home with my friends.

My belly is ready to go to camp to eat all the food until they run out.

I wonder who is going to be in my cabin.

I wonder if there is going to be activities at the camp that I haven’t heard of.

I hope I have a lot of fun at this camp and also don’t get hurt or sick or both.

I hope I do well in red faces and beat the rest with the best act ever.

I hope the beds in the cabins make me sleep well and that there is our own bathroom in our camp.

I hope there is not any hills that I have to get up all wet.

I hope my friends aren’t mean and don’t push me in the water.

Written by Luke


Guest Blogger- Callum

We now have Code Club every Thursday at lunch.

We learn how to make video games and a little bit of programming.  Miss Fraser said that next term we will be doing more advanced coding.

We are using a programming website called scratch and today we started to follow a text and I started to make a pong game where you have to try to bounce a ball in the middle of a line and not let it fall.

I am excited about Code Club and learning how to make a game. When I finish school I want to be a computer programmer so Code Club will help me for when I grow up.

Written by Callum